Zerubbabel means in the bible: Named Assyrian, he was born in Babylon. Grandson of Jehoiachin king of Judah and son of Pedaiah1 Chr. 3:16-19. In Ezra 3;2 and elsewhere, he’s called “son of Shealtiel” – possibly his nephew or legal heir. Zerubbabel also went by the Persian name Sheshbazzar Ezra 1:18, etc. Zerubbabel, the representative of Ezra, was named pekhah, or governor by Cyrus when he granted permission for the Jews to return home to Palestine. He built the Temple of Zerubbabel Ezra, and erected an altar at Jerusalem. 1-14. 4:6-10. He is called “Zorobabel” in the New Testament.
(in Bible Dictionary)