Yaws means: Yaws is a chronic, infectious disease which occurs in warm and humid areas of the tropics. Yaws can be described as bumps appearing on the skin, face, hands and genital areas. Most cases of yaws occur in children younger than 15 years. Treponema Pertenue is the type of spirochetebacterium that causes yaws. It enters skin through a cut or scraped spot. The mother yaw is a painless, recurring bump that grows from this area. The lymph nodes nearby may become swollen. A mother yaw can be followed by secondary crop bumps, and larger lymph nodes. In the late tertiary phase, yaws may cause severe damage to skin, bone, and joint areas. Painful ‘dry crab Yaws’ can develop in the soles and palms. Blood tests are used to confirm diagnosis.
Dark-field inspection of the spirochete using a microscope. Antibiotics are administered to treat the condition. Also called granuloma tropicalum, polypapillomatropicum and thymiosis.
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What else does Yaws mean?

The spirochete is a highly contagious tropical illness that primarily affects children.

Treponema pertenue

It is characterized by raspberry-like sores on the face, hands and feet.
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