yarn types means: Fabrics can be made from yarns by binding or twisting fibers. You can make yarns from long continuous fibers called filaments. These can either be loosely twisted or more tightly twisted. Filament yarns can be made of silk or from manufactured fibers. To form yarns, short staple fibers such as cotton, wool or linen must be cut in shorter lengths. The number of yarns can be classified by their parts. One yarn can be one, while a single yarn may only contain one yarn. A ply yarn contains multiple yarns that have been twisted together. A cord yarn is composed of several ply yarns which are twisted together. Simple yarns are those with regular diameter and a smooth surface. These yarns are called novelty and fancy yarns. One type of novelty yarn is a single yarn. For example, a yarn with some yarn parts twisted tighter than others. A ply yarn like a Boucle yarn where a decorative yarn creates irregular loops that are attached to a base yarn. There are many different yarn types and effects that can be made by changing the yarn structure. (in Fashion Dictionary)