xanthan gum means: It is made from corn sugar fermentation. It’s most often used to stabilize, thicken and emulsify corn sugar. Xanthan gum is a natural carbohydrate and comes from a microorganism called Xanthomonas Carmpestris. It can be used as a gluten substitute and add volume to gluten-free breads. To give liquids like salad dressings and sauces, sourcream, yogurt, and ice cream a smooth creamy texture, Xanthan gum is easily added. It is also a great stabilizer because it holds food particles together. (in Cooking Dictionary)

What else does xanthan gum mean?

  • Xanthan gum can be used to thicken and emulsify dairy products and salad dressings. It is made of corn sugar. (in Cooking Dictionary)
  • This is a high-molecular-weight polysaccharide that has been produced through bacterial fermentation. It’s used in food, pharmaceuticals and other industrial processes as a thickener and stabilizer. (in Merlin Dictionary)