Wilderness of the Exodus means in the bible: The exact path of wandering Israelites is difficult to pinpoint. The two stores cities of Rameses, Pithom and Succoth were their starting points. They reached Shur Ex by passing around the Gulf of Suez’s head. They reached Shur Ex at 15:22. This is likely the same time as Etham Num. 33:8. Then they turned southward by Marah, now Ayun Musa, and Elim Num. 33:10 until they reach the Wilderness of Sin. Here they received their first manna meal. They turned eastward and reached Rephidim. Meribah was later renamed Massah. They encountered their first enemy, the Amalekites. The camp was built just three months later than they left Egypt. The camp remained for more than one year. 1:1. They passed through Taberah Num from Sinai. 11:3, Kibroth-hattaavah and Hazeroth 11;34-35. They then crossed into Paran’s wilderness 12:16. The spies were dispatched from here 13:3. The spies then crossed into the Wilderness of Zin, and were encamped at Kadesh. Miriam later died. Edom denied Israel passage and so the route intended was changed. On Mount Hor Aaron died. They then moved to Ezion-geber, then east towards the mountain Seir and finally toward Moab. They were then punished by the plague of serpents Num for murmuring. 21:4-9. Sihon, king of Amorites, refused to allow passage. His capital, Heshbon was taken Num. 21:21-31. The Israelites also beat Og, the king of Bashan. They took possession of the pasturelands east of Jordan. Next came the confrontation with the Moabites. They had attempted to obtain the help of Balaam Num, the soothsayer. 22-25. Only Caleb (and Joshua) remained among the 600,000.
(in Bible Dictionary)