weft and warp knits means: Knitting involves the creation of yarns from interconnected loops. Knits can be created from one continuous, long yarn like hand knitting or from a set of yarns. Weft knits have yarns that run across and interlock with each other. The yarns in warp knits are interlocked or run along the fabric’s length. Although hand knitting is one form of weft, weft can also be made by machines. Warp knits are more flexible than weft knits. Stitches can break and form a ladder or run in their lengthwise direction. Jersey, also known as single or plain knits, is the most popular type of weft knitting. It has all the stitches pulled onto the same side of fabric so one side is smooth while the other side contains loops. Weft knits include knitted velours, terrycloths, fleeces, imitation furs and plush. They are stronger and more resistant to wear than warp knits. Tricots are the most popular fabrics that are made from warp knitting. They come in various weights and can also be made with raschel knits. These patterns mimic lace or crochet. (in Fashion Dictionary)