Vows means in the bible: They were two types: A dedication was a gift of something or someone to Lord Lev. 27:1-24; abstinence–a commitment to refrain from any lawful act, enjoyment or activity Num. 6:3. Lev. prohibited any unnatural mutilation. 19:28; Deut. 14:1, etc.. As a Lev, nothing that is holy or inherently unholy or stained could be given. 22:23; 27:26; Deut. 23:18. When such sacrifices could not be made Lev, provisions were made to ransom them. 27:11. If the father Num or husband ratified implicitly or explicitly, vows made by dependent wives and daughters would not be valid. See Jer. 44:19. Many vows had an inquiring character. They were made to Jehovah Gen. 15:7-8.
(in Bible Dictionary)