Ulcerative gingivitis means: Fusiform bacteria, spirochetes and other germs are known to cause illness.
a possible suspect, however the whole story is still a mystery.
It is not yet clear what the cause of any known diseases may be.
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What else does Ulcerative gingivitis mean?

After the French, Vincent’s angina is another name for this condition.
physician Henri Vincent 1862-1950. Angina is a word that comes from the
Latin angel means “to throttle or choke”. “.
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Like most undiagnosed diseases, ulcerative gingivitis is not well understood.
It is also known by several other names, including acute necrotizing ulcerative.
gingivitis AUG, acute membranous gumivitis. Fusospirochetal
gingivitis, fusospirillosis, fusospirochetal gingivitis,
Vincent’s Fusospirochetal Gingivitis and Phagedenic Gingivitis
Vincent’s infection and gingivitis.
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It is also known as trench mouth.
Progressive painful infection, ulceration and swelling
Get rid of any dead tissue in the throat and mouth.
Because of the spreading infection.
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