tsp or tvp means: Textured soybean protein (TSP) or TVP are made from defatted, soy flour. They’re compressed into chunks and then processed into granules. The product is available as dried, granular products. TSP can be rehydrated in boiling water to produce a texture that is similar to ground beef. TSP can also be purchased in large chunks that can take the texture of stew meat after being rehydrated. TSP is also available bulk at specialty food markets and in health food shops. TSP can be purchased in bulk under different brand names and at higher prices in many health food shops. Prepackaged TSP can be purchased at a higher price. Adjust the recipe to reflect the sodium content. TSP can also be purchased in frozen form at many supermarkets under brands such as Green Giant recipe Crumbles. TSP can be dehydrated for about one cup, and rehydrated for approximately two cups. (in Cooking Dictionary)