Temple of Herod means in the bible: Herod (17 B.C. 18th Year) was elected to power in order to win the popularity of the Jews. Herod proposed rebuilding the Zerubbabel temple during his reign. Herod pledged to collect materials prior to starting the construction, as Jews were afraid that he would be unable rebuild after he had pulled down. He realized that the area for the temple was too small and built a wall to increase it. He was able to create a nearly rectangular site, with each side measuring 600 feet. In a mere year and six months, the priests built the temple. Eight years were spent building the cloisters, Herod’s speciality and the outer enclosures. From time to time, other buildings were built. The construction was ongoing throughout the earthly existence of our Lord, but the final design wasn’t completed until the year A.D.64, six years prior to the destruction of the temple.
(in Bible Dictionary)