Tell el-Amarna Letters means in the bible: Amarna letters are a great example of how archaeological discoveries can enrich our understandings of specific things in the Bible. These letters are composed of several baked-clay tablets that were written around 1350 B.C. Tells are artificial mounds that have been built over centuries, destroyed and rebuilt, where layers of archaelogical items can be found. Amarna, a city located up the Nile in Upper Egypt was where Pharaoh Akhenaton based. These letters were sent by feudal-type Palestinian city governors asking for military assistance against invading forces to the Pharaoh of Amarna. These letters are known as “Tell el-Amarna Letters” and provide valuable insight into Palestine’s state about a century prior to the arrival of the Israelites. They tell about the walls of Palestine as well as certain intruders, not just the Israelites that were entering the country.
(in Bible Dictionary)