take a break means: The relationship has ended. You will hear me say “let’s go on a vacation” as it appears that things will turn out well. But I do not want to stay with you so I won’t. To make someone “feel better”, this is frequently used with several lies. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Pranav Villanueva)

What else does take a break mean?

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  • Hamilton did something Hamilton failed to do and everyone knows he was wrong. (in Slang Dictionary, added by HoiPolloi)
  • A break can be used to allow couples to part ways for a set period of time. Both parties need to agree to the terms before they are allowed to take a break. Types: 1. Couples are often very busy and may need to travel, live abroad, or take an exam. This type of couple may be busy or not able to commit fully to their relationship. They will be able to focus more and avoid being distracted by work. 2. Couples that aren’t sure of their feelings. Some couples might need to be apart for a while so that they can test their love and bond with one another. It is possible for them to miss one another or feel empty without the other. If they agree, one or both may date another. 3. Couples that need to be alone can solve their problems. Sometimes, a couple gets into an argument and needs to be alone to let their thoughts and feelings out. 3. A person who uses the term ‘taking a breath’ to mean stepping before breaking up. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Payton Kramer)
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