Synagogue means in the bible: A Jewish gathering place for religious purposes. It consisted of an ark that contained the sacred rolls, as well as a reading desk and seating for worshippers. The local council of elders managed its affairs. They decided who was allowed and who wasn’t Luke 6:22, John 9:22, 12:42, 16:2. The Ruler of Synagogue Mark 5,22, Luke 13,14 was the most prominent official. He was a general scribe who took care of the building and oversaw the different services. A clerical attendant was also available Luke 4:20. The Sabbath Morning Service was the most significant of the week, and it included a lesson Num. 15:37-41; Deut. 6:4-9, 11:13-21; and two lessons per day from the law or the prophets. A sermon was usually preached to explain one of the lessons Luke 4:7, Acts 13 15; and another of the prophets. It was an enormous help in spreading the gospel. Early Christian missionaries were able to obtain a hearing in most towns.
(in Bible Dictionary)