southside elyria means in slang: Urban slang for South Elyria. This is a section of Elyria Ohio Cleveland city, south of Lorain. It’s south and southwest from downtown. The boundaries are the 5th Street to the North, Wood St to the South, East Ave or East Branch of the Black River to the South, and Garden stdouglas Avenue to the West.

The southside is known for being the worst and ghetto of Elyria. There are wilkes villa and south park as well as gas usa and middle and west avenues. The village is also home to regular murders and shootings. Other major crimes are common in the area, including carjackings and robberies as well as assaults and rapes. The neighborhood is predominantly blackmixed, with a growing number of Hispanics and mixed-race residents. There are not many people of color left, and those who are there are as poor as other races. The housing in the southside 70 rental houses is mostly decayed and disused. Even the nicest looking homes will look grimy inside.

2 Any ghetto.
(in Slang Dictionary, added by Riley Black)