southpaw means: Left-handed, particularly for a baseball pitcher. (in Merlin Dictionary)

What else does southpaw mean?

  • Anonym for orthodox. A stance in which the left hand moves further ahead than the right. This could be because someone is left-handed or they want their main hitting hand to move forward. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Ricardo Moreno)
  • Here’s a Soufpaw: 1Loyalty to be able to write with your lefthand. 2 A slang term for left-handed. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Deja Gamble)
  • An expression that indicates someone is the man. If someone is southpaw they can kick you with one hand, or “paw”, and most likely have many sexual encounters down the “south”. The most important thing about a southpaw is their modesty. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Zackary Campbell)
  • Vajayjay hair for females. A bush, the beaver and the rug. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Mohamed Mcgee)
  • You can name a fighter who uses their left hand to strike. Your left hand is more powerful than your right. Your left hand will always be your power hand. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Salvador Aguilar)
  • The incorrect foot is the boxer’s wrong foot. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Alexus Curry)