skin means: Remove the skin from a food before cooking, or after. (in Cooking Dictionary)

What else does skin mean?

A membranous tissue that forms the exterior covering of an animal or the integument. It is found in vertebrates of both the epidermis, and the dermis. (in Merlin Dictionary)

A pelt animal, particularly the relatively flexible pelt from a young or small animal. (in Merlin Dictionary)

An outer, usually thin and closely adherent layer. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Scuba divers, and all others involved in watersports, wear a thin, elastic, often close fitting, shirt to protect themselves from scrapes, and other superficial injuries. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Container for liquids made from animal skin. (in Merlin Dictionary)

A pair of short strips of fabric, or another material that are temporarily attached to the bottom of skis in order to give traction when climbing up slopes. (in Merlin Dictionary)

An interface design for a program like a media player, instant messaging app or other software that the user can choose and customize to change the default appearance. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Your life and your physical survival are important. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Remove skin. (in Merlin Dictionary)

To bruise, cut or injure skin. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Peel off the outer cover to remove it. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Cover with skin or another similar layer. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Swindle; to fleece. (in Merlin Dictionary)