Shewbread means in the bible: Literally, bread of the face. Name given to twelve unleavened cakes that were placed in two heaps on the Table of Shewbread. This table was made of Acacia wood. It stood north of the altar of incense at the holy place Ex. 25:23-30. Each row Lev was sprayed with Frankincense. 24:7. 24:7. The priests ate the shewbread in Lev, and they changed the shewbread every Sabbath. 24:9. 24:9. David was once given the shewbread to him to be able to eat 1 Samuel. 21:6. The Lord took this opportunity to teach us that charity is more important than any ritual law. 12:4; Mark 2:16; Luke 6:4.
(in Bible Dictionary)