scale means: Machine used for weighing products. (in Cooking Dictionary)

What else does scale mean?

A small, hard-dermal, or epidermal structure that forms the exterior covering for fishes, reptiles, and some mammals such as pangolins. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Similar parts can be found in other animals as well, like the flat and overlapping wings that butterflies and moths have. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Small, flat, and often thin plant structures, like the ones that cover tree buds or the ones that house the reproductive organs in the cones. (in Merlin Dictionary)

The epidermis is a thin, dry flake that has been removed from the skin. (in Merlin Dictionary)

These flakes can be a sign of a skin lession or lesion. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Scale insects can cause plant diseases or infestations. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Flaky oxide films are formed when metals, such as iron, have been heated to very high temperatures. (in Merlin Dictionary)

One flake of iron. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Hard mineral coating found on boilers and kettles. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Clear or strip scales. (in Merlin Dictionary)