Samuel means in the bible: Name of God. Born in response to the prayers of his mother 1 Sam, son Elkanah’s and Hannah. 1, as Eli placed him in charge of the Tabernacle at Shiloh 2:11; 3:1. He became the great judge and prophet of Israel after Eli died. Samuel appears to have stopped acting as a judge after Saul was made king, see 8:14-10:25. However, he continued his role of prophet and representative for Jehovah. These are his major events from this period: He calls on the people to testify to his integrity 1 Sam. 12; reproves Saul 13:8-15 for presumption; asks Saul to destroy the Amalekites and condemns his disobedience. 1 Sam 15; anoints David 16-13; receives David in Naioth 19-18; and his death at 25:1. He is also mentioned in 1 Chr. 6:28; 9:22; 11:3; 26:28; 29:29; 2 Chr. 35:18; Ps. 99:6; Jer. Jer. 11:32. Although he was not a priest, his priestly duties were fulfilled and he offered sacrifices at many places. He was saddened at the inhumanity of Saul’s willfulness as he grew older. Yet, despite a difficult career, he remains a shining example of faith and perseverance, integrity and self-sacrifice.
(in Bible Dictionary)