Samuel, books of means in the bible: These books make up the Hebrew Bible. The Greek Bible is the basis for our division into two separate books. These books start with Samuel’s birth, hence their title. They continue down to David’s death over a time of approximately 130 years. The author and the date he wrote are not known. He used a variety of writings to create his story, some of which included the state chronicles, written by Nathan, Samuel and Gad. 10:25; 1 Chr. 29:29. He has sometimes combined two separate accounts of the same event. Although he is careful to balance the two, compare 1 Sam’s account of David’s introduction of Saul to David. 16:14 to 23 and 17:1-18. He used a variety of national and religious poetry, some of which were preserved either in writing, or oral tradition. 2:1-10; David’s last words to Abner in 2 Sam. 3:33–34; David’s last words and thanksgiving 2 Sam. 22; 23;1-7; also see the 2 Sam. reference to Book of Jasher. 1:18.
(in Bible Dictionary)