Samaritans means in the bible: This title describes the Samarian people that lived in Samaria following the liberation of the northern kingdom. These were 1 of the foreign colonists who had been placed in Samaria by Babylonia 2 Kgs kings. 17:24, Ezra 4:12, 10, and 2 Israelites who fled during the captivity. Therefore, the population consisted of a mix of gentiles and Israelites. The religion of the people was mixed. See 2 Kgs. 17:24 to 41, although they claimed that, as Jehovah worshippers, they had a part in rebuilding the Temple at Jerusalem Ezra 4-3. They were not allowed to claim this and began a rival temple on Mount Gerizim. Nehemiah was a grandson to the high priest Eliashib, who had been married with Neh (a heathen woman). 13:28 He fled to the Samaritans and took with him the Pentateuch. Josephus says he became the high priest of Gerizim. The New Testament contains several references to antagonism among the Jews and Samaritans. See Matt. 10:5 and Luke 9:52-53, 10:33; 17;16; John 4;9, 39, 8:48. However the Apostles directed the Apostles to proclaim the gospel Acts 1:18, to which the Samaritans were also directed. Philip Acts 8;4-25 was a highly successful work.
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