Salk vaccine means: Jonas Salk, an American physician and virologist from 1914-1995 was a great example of this.
Research at the University of Michigan on influenza viruses
University of Pittsburgh. He was elected the
First director at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies
University of California San Diego
(in Medical Dictionary)

What else does Salk vaccine mean?

Salk vaccine: Vaccine against poliomyelitis
Named after Dr. Jonas Salk, who invented it and introduced it to the world in 1955. It
It was the first type to be made available for polio. It was created
Three strains of virus can be grown in monkeys by growing them separately
tissue. After separating the virus from tissue, it was stored in liquid nitrogen for one week.
Formaldehyde was used to kill the virus. The killed-virus vaccine for this was administered by
IV injection, and 4 shots were required. Oral form of vaccine
The standard usage of the subsequently created by Dr. Albert Sabin is still in place today
Because it’s easier to use and more efficient than Salk
vaccine. Salk vaccine now only available in historic
(in Medical Dictionary)