sage means: Salvia officinalis is a Mediterranean herb. It has soft, furry, gray green leaves with a mild, bitter and musty mint taste. (in Cooking Dictionary)

What else does sage mean?

  • It is a relative to the mint and the main spice used in American turkey stuffing. (in Cooking Dictionary)
  • One revered for his or her experience, judgement, and wisdom. (in Merlin Dictionary)
  • Being able to demonstrate wisdom or calm judgement. (in Merlin Dictionary)
  • Wisdom and calm judgement are the foundations of wisdom. (in Merlin Dictionary)
  • One of many plants in the genus Salvia Particularly the mint family S. officinalis, Having aromatic, grayish-green foliage (in Merlin Dictionary)
  • The leaves S. officinalis Used as seasoning. (in Merlin Dictionary)
  • One of many related or similar plants in the mint family. (in Merlin Dictionary)