Sabbatical Year means in the bible: Every seventh year was consecrated to God in the same way that the seventh day of every week was and was seven months in each year. Inasmuch that the land was His, it was to observe a Sabbath Unto Him Lev. 25:2-7. 25:2-7. Israelite released all debts to him. This year was not intended to be a year of relaxation, but also one that included religious instruction and exercises. This was reflected in the fact that the entire law of the Sabbatical Year, which started with the seventh month, was read aloud at the Feast of Tabernacles. For a long time, the Jews had been breaking the law of the Sabbatical Year for many years before they were exiled to Babylon. It was believed that the 70 years of exile, and the desolation of the land were used to make up the Sabbaths not observed in the Land 2 Chr. 36:21.
(in Bible Dictionary)