Restitution, restoration means in the bible: This term refers to the return of something once existing but which has been removed or lost. This could be, for instance, the restoration of the earth’s paradisiacal glory before Adam’s Fall A of F 1:10. Compare DC 133:23-24 to Gen. 10:25. It refers to the soul of man and the return of an individual to God. This refers to the reestablishment on earth of Jesus Christ’s gospel in the final days with all the power, doctrines and offices that existed in previous ages. It is the reunification of Israel’s house from its scattered state. It is often referred to as the restoration or restitution of all things as it appears in Acts 3;19-21. This is the time when all of these things can be accomplished, and it’s called the Dispensation of The Fullness of Times Eph. 1:10; DC27:6, 13.
(in Bible Dictionary)