redaction means: Preparing a document to be published, especially by editing or deleting sensitive or private information. (in Merlin Dictionary)

What else does redaction mean?

  • A revised work. (in Merlin Dictionary)
  • Arsenal FC is a fanatic. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Corey Henry)
  • Redaction refers to the act of retroactively editing a document in order to delete confidential information. Redaction is often required by attorneys to remove confidential material and protect attorney-client privilege. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Rule Rule 5.2a ensures confidentiality. It requires that attorneys redact sensitive information about clients. This may include only the last four numbers of Social Security and tax ID numbers, the year of an individual’s birth or the financial account number’s last four digits. Redaction is often seen as a box with black text. However, Law Business Media explained that redaction does not require a box covering a text. It often takes the proper software and add-ons. (in Legal Dictionary)