proviso means: An expression in a document that imposes a condition or qualification. (in Merlin Dictionary)

What else does proviso mean?

  • A term, condition or clause in a title or contract that is not included. (in Legal Dictionary)
  • An agreement clause, which can be a contract, deed or statute and requires that certain events occur prior to another section of the agreement or the whole instrument in its entirety, is valid. This word is derived from the Mediaeval Latin provisoquod meaning “provided that”. e.g.: If X happens, then Y will take effect. (in Legal Dictionary)
  • Proviso can also be used in philosophical or political contexts. The Lockean proviso, for instance, is a condition of John Locke’s labor theory. It states that while each person who uses natural resources to create property is entitled to it, they can have no right to the property “at most where there are enough and as good, left open to others.” The 1846 Wilmot proviso, which was an unsuccessful attempt to prohibit slavery from the newly ceded territories after the Mexican-American War and the use by the Executive of the moneys herein appropriate, is a pivotal moment in American history. According to the proviso, “Provided that as an explicit and fundamental condition of acquisition of any territory from Mexico by the United States by virtue of any treaty between them and to the use of the Executive of the appropriate moneys herein, neither slavery or involuntary servitude shall exist in any portion of said territory except for crimes, which shall be first duly tried.” (in Legal Dictionary)
  • A contract’s proviso can have a significant impact on the validity of its entirety if it isn’t fulfilled. However, a proviso is usually a condition that creates or invalidates an exception to a requirement. (in Legal Dictionary)