product liability means: Tort law is a legal term that allows consumers to sue distributors, manufacturers and retailers for unsafe or defective products. (in Cooking Dictionary)

What else does product liability mean?

  • Manufacturers, sellers, and distributors of products to the general public have a responsibility to provide products that are free from defects that could harm individuals or groups of people and to take responsibility for defective products. This could include defective auto brakes or contaminated baby foods, explosion-proof beer bottles, inflammable pajamas for children, and omission of warning labels. Example: Molly Makeup goes to the Bon Ton Beauty Shop for her hair and gets scalp burns. Beauty Queen Hair Products sells a permanent hair care kit. Molly is suing Beauty Queen for damages. Tom Holdtight bought a Big Boy Trucks truck that had a defective steering gear. Holdtight is thrown off the truck and his back is broken when the gear stops working. Big Boy can be sued by Holdtight for damages. Product liability law requires that the victim of harm must prove the product’s failure to function in order for the distributor, seller and/or manufacturer to be held responsible for any damages. A person injured in an accident does not need to sue the seller. He or she can bring the distributor or manufacturer into court or contribute towards a judgement. If possible, however, it is important to name all the defendants in the lawsuit. (in Legal Dictionary)