princess line means: The Princess Line silhouette isn’t so much a Once Upon a Time’, but a feminine version of a fitted woman’s dress. It was introduced by Charles Frederick Worth in the 1870s. It was named after Princess Alexandra, the Danish princess. The princess line is made in long panels without any horizontal join seams or separation at the waist. It uses long seams and darts instead to form the body. Christian Dior created a line called Line Longue in 1951, which was inspired by the princess-line. (in Fashion Dictionary)

What else does princess line mean?

This is a style of garment in which all sections are cut from the shoulder to the hem. There’s no seam at the waistline. The seams are cut so the garments form the body and darts added where needed. Charles Worth was the fashion designer responsible for creating clothing for Empress Eugenie, Princess of France during the middle-1800s. (in Fashion Dictionary)