pork means: Hog flesh, typically slaughtered before 1 year. (in Cooking Dictionary)

What else does pork mean?

The flesh of domestic swine. The pork today is healthier and has 13 times fewer calories than it was a decade ago. It also contains more protein. Trichinosis is now rare due to better feeding methods. The majority of pork is killed at six to nine months. (in Cooking Dictionary)

Food made from the flesh of pigs or hogs. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Politicians use government funds and appointments to win favor with constituents. (in Merlin Dictionary)

It is to gorge yourself; indulge in a lot of food. This is a combination of out. (in Merlin Dictionary)

To lose weight. To become fat. out. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Engage in intimate sexual relations with another. Particularly used by a man. (in Merlin Dictionary)