pint means: The volume unit equals 16 fl. oz. In the U.S. (in Cooking Dictionary)

What else does pint mean?

The US Customary System’s unit for volume or capacity, which is used in liquid measures equal to 1 / 8 Gallon (16 ounces) or 0.47 Liter (in Merlin Dictionary)

Unit of volume in the US Customary System. It is used as dry measure. 1 / 16 Peck or 1 / 2 quart (0.551 liter). (in Merlin Dictionary)

One unit that measures volume in British Imperial System. It is equal to 0.5668 Liter. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Container with a capacity of one pint (in Merlin Dictionary)

How much of a substance can fit in such containers. (in Merlin Dictionary)