Pilate means in the bible: Roman prefect in Judea (A.D. 26–36 Luke 3:3). Although his headquarters was in Caesarea, he would often be present at Jerusalem during feast times. His contempt for Jews and their faith was a major part of his life. There was much chaos during his term, mostly because he tried to bring into the city the silver busts that the Roman Emperor had placed on their ensigns. Luke 13:1 refers to an outbreak that occurred during one of his feasts. Pilate sent troops into the temple courts, and some Galileans were killed. In the Gospel of Our Lord’s Passion Matt, he is prominent. 27:226; 27;58-66, Mark 15:1-15; Luke 23:1-25, 52-47, 50-53; John 18, 28-40; 19:1-22, 31, 38 The Sanhedrin did not have the power to execute their death sentence, so Pilate had to consent. He was charged with inciting sedition and making himself a king. Pilate realized that the evidence was not sufficient to prove the charges and he decided to drop the case after being warned by his wife. Pilate also attempted to avoid any responsibility by sending his Lord to Herod Antipas as a trial witness, but Herod returned Him without a formal decision. He was only able to pass a death sentence after the Jews threatened Pilate with sending a report about the Emperor Tiberius. This proved to be suspicious of Pilate’s nature. Roman soldiers executed the sentence under Pilate’s direction. Pilate, who was the victim of disturbances in Samaria, was forced to resign a few more years later.
(in Bible Dictionary)