Phoenicia means in the bible: Coastland that extends from the Philistine Territory to the mouth the Orontes. They were Semitic people, and their language was very similar to Hebrew. The Phoenicians were an important commercial group, selling the goods of Egypt and Babylon and had trading stations throughout the Mediterranean. Carthage was the most significant. Although their territory was not conquered, many Israelite rulers including Solomon and David formed alliances to trade with them. Phoenicia was made up of several small states, ruled over by the kings from the great cities. However, the Hebrews were most closely associated with Sidon and Tyre. Persia, Assyria, and partially conquered it. Finally the empire of Alexander The Great merged them. See Ashtaroth for the Phoenician religion; Baal, nature worship, was very sinful and had a devastating influence on the Israelites, particularly after Ahab’s marriage to Jezebel (a Phoenician princess). Zidon; Tyre.
(in Bible Dictionary)