pattern means: One of these two types can be called pattern. Either it’s a decorative design that repeats on a fabric or it is a template made from paper or cardboard that serves as the main instruction guide to cutting individual pieces. To allow for the correct size, seam allowance, and fit of pattern pieces, they are traced. These pieces can be used to help the dressmaker determine the right amount of fabric for the project and the fit before cutting the template. (in Fashion Dictionary)

What else does pattern mean?

A repeating, usually decorative or artistic design. synonym : Figure . (in Merlin Dictionary)

An accidental or natural arrangement of or sequence. (in Merlin Dictionary)

An outline, plan or diagram that is used to guide you in the making of things. (in Merlin Dictionary)

An original or model used as an imitation of or archetype. synonym : Ideal . (in Merlin Dictionary)

An enduring, consistent form, style or method that is consistent and distinctive, such as. (in Merlin Dictionary)

An amalgam of characteristics or traits that are characteristic of an individual, or of a group. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Style and form in an artistic piece or a group of works. (in Merlin Dictionary)

A target is a configuration of shots that are used to indicate skill. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Distribution and spreading of bomb fragments or spent shrapnel in a specific area. (in Merlin Dictionary)

You will need enough material to create a full-length garment. (in Merlin Dictionary)

Test pattern. (in Merlin Dictionary)

An aircraft’s flight path when it is about to land. (in Merlin Dictionary)