paramount means: It is of paramount importance. (in Merlin Dictionary)

What else does paramount mean?

  • The highest rank, authority, and power. (in Merlin Dictionary)
  • A person who is the most powerful, influential, and authoritative. (in Merlin Dictionary)
  • THE BEST CITY IN SOUTHERN CA. It is surrounded by Downey and South Gate. Long Beach, Long Beach, Compton, Downey, South Gate. With the exception of some Blacks and Asians, most residents are Mexicans. There are just two to three families of whites in the area. Paramount High School is a shithole. Paramount High School is full of typical high school students. The only difference is that they aren’t wearing Letterman Jackets and driving a single-cab Chevy 1500. They also wear many brands which they cant afford, such as Armani, Gucci, Louis Vuitton or Armani The school’s administration is run by Paisas. However, there are also the cool kids and athletes. You can spend a day driving around Paramount with your friends bumping Gerardo Ortiz corridos, and trying to pick up women. You will always find something to do. Even though the days are shorter and the nights longer, there are always activities to do. Every weekend you can join your friends at a quincenera. The city’s best spots include Paramount High School and R.Cees BarberShop. Alondra Hot Wings, The Swap Meet and Alondra Hot Wings are also great. Paramount is proud to have been home to the former Ny Giant and Super Bowl Champ Antonio Pierce as well as Rapper YG, Youtube sensations EGO cholo adventure, and Timothy de la Ghetto. It might seem like another place, but it is the real deal. This is where I call home. (in Slang Dictionary, added by SmellyboofMesial)
  • It is more important than any other. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Fernando Díaz)
  • It is a small city that no one even knows. It is located in Southern California. It borders Compton Downey Lynwood, Long Beach. This is a beautiful city, but it’s incredibly disappointing that nobody knows anything about it. Because we are so small, there is only one high school. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Maleah Hardin)
  • It is a matter of extreme importance; it should be the most important thing. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Cantankerous)
  • It is a small, ghetto-like city between North Long Beach and Compton. Bellflower, Downey and Lakewood surround it. It is home to many paisas and wannabe cholos as well as chunti’s. The city is a paradise for Sinaloa-loving residents. You have many chunti’s blaring out their **** ans corridos in the Walmart parking lot. There are also 30-year olds that like to visit the High School for underage girls. A sham city of Chunts with their troll-loving girlfriends. There are also many wannabe gangsters that think they’re worth it. The city is filled with posers. Get Fucked by Paramount. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Ignacio Blanchard)