Paradoxical embolism means: Paradoxical embolism: A clot thrombus is passed from one vein to another.
artery. When vein clots rupture embolize, they move first to the right.
The heart, and then, usually, the lungs. Your lungs are a filter.
Stop clots entering the arterial circulation. If there’s a hole, however, the clots will not be able to enter your arterial circulation.
The wall connecting the upper two chambers of your heart is an atrial septal defect. This can cause a clot to form.
Cross from the right side to the left of the heart. Then, pass through the arteries.
paradoxical embolism. A clot that has traveled through the arterial circulation can reach the brain.
Blocking a vessel can cause stroke cerebrovascular accidents. Paradoxical embolism can cause strokes, so it’s recommended that small atrial vessels be kept open.
Septal defects must be fixed. Crossed embolism is also known.
(in Medical Dictionary)