Palytoxin means: Data from the U.S. National Poison Data System shows that 171 reported cases of skin or inhalation of palytoxin between 2000-2014 were submitted to poison control centres.
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What else does Palytoxin mean?

Palytoxin is a deadly toxin that can be ingested or inhaled. It also affects skin contact. Palytoxin is a poison that can damage many organs and cause death. Palytoxin can cause severe respiratory issues, most commonly. Palytoxin can be found in marine coral species. Human cases of poisoning after eating seafood or cleaning salt-water aquariums have been reported. It has not been documented that the removal of stones from marine aquariums during cleaning can result in the release of palytoxin particles to the atmosphere, which could lead to respiratory poisoning.
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Corals from the genus contain a powerful toxin.


It is found in the South Pacific, and it disrupts the flow ions across cells membranes. In very low doses, it can quickly kill humans and is among the most complicated naturally occurring substances.
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