oven means: A oven is an enclosed space that provides heat and airflow to allow food to be cooked. Conventionalthermal ovens are powered by gas burners or electric elements to roast, bake or broil. Convention ovens, on the other hand, use gas burners or electric elements to heat the air and circulate the heated air around the food. For consistent temperature, most electric ovens can be controlled to cycle between the upper and lower elements. To increase cooking speed, new ovens use microwave energy and halogen lighting. The ovens can be freestanding or slide-in to accommodate a range of sizes, including 20-36 inches. There are three cleaning options for ovens: self-cleaning, continuous clean, and standard clean by hand. (in Cooking Dictionary)

What else does oven mean?

  • An enclosed chamber for heating, baking or roasting food. It can also be used for drying, firing, hardening or hardening objects as in a fire kiln. (in Merlin Dictionary)