olivia means: Olivia is a charming person. She can talk for hours. Her eyes are unlike anything else, and her beautiful, curly hair is common. Her beauty is amazing. Her intelligence and work ethic are impressive. She’s kind, thoughtful, and shows genuine concern for all things. She is a great keeper. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Conrado Marín)

What else does olivia mean?

  • All around, she is a beautiful person. Her smile lights up any room, and her sparkling eyes make it shine. You won’t find many like her, so make sure you don’t lose her. People who have wronged her in the past are hard to trust. She is a great friend and will always be there to help anyone in need. Enjoys partying and can be a good host. Very intelligent and talented. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Dean Pope)
  • Olivia is a kind-hearted person. Her smile lights up every room. They’re so positive and kind. Olivia loves animals and the outdoors. These two are great friends and will be always there to help you. Their sense of humor is hilarious and they are not afraid to laugh at people. Olivias like to be called “liv” and I don’t know why. All Olivias are aware that they go through difficult times but get over it. Because of their creativity and hard work, they strive to be the best version of themselves and will succeed in life. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Mitchell Mcguire)
  • It’s great to have a conversation with her and to be an Internet friend. She’s a beautiful, kind girl. She loves pizza and is funny. You will be forever a friend to her because she is so sweet. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Heather Warner)
  • A wonderful girl. She is trustworthy, smart, beautiful, funny, kind and intelligent. She is a wonderful person and I ** so grateful to her. Her body is amazing and she’s beautiful. She is charismatic, intelligent and strong. She can be wild and bizarre. She laughs at herself. She is extremely intelligent, can read words well and listens well. She is passionate about helping others with personal issues. You’re going to be thrown back by her. Do NOT get in her bad side. Do not get in her bad side. What She does not like is olives, except in her martini. If you have an olivia, it’s a lucky thing. Her friendship is amazing and she’s a great lover. She is passionately romantic. She is very tolerant of people who are not on her good side. Although she can sometimes be timid and smart, she can also be very talented and artistic. She is also very good at sports. It’s clear that she has everything. Looks, brains, personality. Be a loving friend to Olivia. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Mollie Robertson)
  • Amazing girl… She loves to laugh. She is a kind, thoughtful and loving girl. She likes to be with her best friends, but only in small groups. Talking and watching movies late at night. She is easily hurt by her friends who leave her alone. Amazing girl… She loves to laugh. She is a kind and witty girl, even though she may not be happy all the time. She likes to be with her best friends, but only in small groups. She is easily hurt by her friends who leave her alone. Beautiful and loving. Easy to get along. Enjoys drawing, animals and music. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Demarcus Lawrence)
  • Olivia is known for her sense of self. Although she loves to talk, Olivia can also be an excellent listener. You’ll be remembered by her for what you say and how you did it. Olivia is a master of steel. She hates when people reveal secrets, and would not treat anyone that way. If you aren’t ready to learn the truth, don’t bother asking her. Olivia is a natural comedian and loves making people laugh. She is funny in spite of the silly faces that she sometimes makes. People love her. Because everyone loves her happy, funny personas, Olivia has few close friends. Olivia is friendly with everyone she meets. Olivia will not tolerate anyone who gives her reason to dislike you. Olivia loves her best friends and hates to ask for help. Olivia believes she is capable of taking on the entire world for herself. Olivia is complex and lovable. Olivia is funny, pretty, spicy and full of emotion. Olivia is sensitive despite her nonchalant nature. Olivia is a great friend if you are. She will never forget you. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Tatiana Thornton)