Numbers means in the bible: This name comes from double-numbering, or the census of Num. 1-4; 26. This book contains information about events that took place in the wilderness in particular the year following the Exodus and the end of wandering. It also includes legislation. 1:01-10:10 preparations for leaving Sinai. 2 10:00-14:45 march from Sinai to Canaan’s borders; sending the spies with their reports; refusing to go into Canaan and God’s punishment. 3 15:1-19.22: Historical notices and various laws. 4 20:1-36.13, The history of last year in wilderness, from the arrival of the Israelites at Kadesh to their reaching “the plains Moab near Jericho”, 6:24-26, 10:35-36, 21:14-15 and 17-18. Also see Pentateuch.
(in Bible Dictionary)