npc means: This is a mix of video game “non-player characters” and The Simulation Hypothesis. Some humans assume the role NPCs and spout “opinions” that they have been programmed to repeat in a cult-like fashion. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Kenna Hughes)

What else does npc mean?

  • An acronym for “non-player character”, a term that refers to interactive games, especially RPGs. It is a person who uses no reasoning or critical thinking skills. Just regurgitating arguments and nonsequiturs that have been left to them. You also get the “Chinese Whispers”, effect if you have it passed on to multiple generations of NPCs. This will increase the insaneness to an alarming degree. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Selah May)
  • NPC is a non-player character. This term refers to computer-controlled characters within an MMORPG. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Marshall Hayden)
  • Non-Player Character. Any character, human or not, in a role playing game which isn’t controlled by a player. The game master, or an equivalent person who runs a tabletop RPG will usually actpeak all NPCs. This can be anything from the innkeeper who players speak to to book a room or the mysterious woman who tracks your party for unknown reasons and then backstabs you just as you are starting to trust them. The GM can decide. The GM will continue to play NPC roles in LARP. They may also enlist other NPCs. The LARP NPCs are characters that can be used by any player, but who may be too crucial or temporary for them to do so in an ongoing game. Single-player RPGs use NPCs to refer to anyone not belonging in your group. In this case, they aren’t usually referred to by that name because the “guy next to the weapons shop” function is just as good. They have a standard dialog and will say the exact same things every time they are approached. This has been poked at by many webcomics. In MMORPGs, NPCs refer to the character controlled by the server. Many of them have a distinguishing characteristic, like listing their trade in the status window and having their name displayed with a different font color. These NPCs are similar to single-player RPGs in that they have a set of behaviors and must be interacted to accomplish some goal. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Frankie Barnett)
  • 1. This is used to indicate a character in a video game that can’t be controlled by the player. A person who, regardless of what their opinions, doesn’t think for himself. Contrary to popular belief, NPCs don’t all have liberal views, just as liberals do not all have NPCs. You are an NPC if you agree blindly with everything a person has to say. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Dacio Soler)
  • 1. Traditional is a term that refers to ‘Non-Playable Character’. They are commonly found in RPG games. You can talk with them, but they may not be able or able, within their program, to perform simple tasks. Modern 2018. A term used to refer to a “Social Justice Warrior” or SJW. Their behavior is similar to traditional NPCs in RPGs. They are more focused on their programming, which means that they have limited thought and action. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Alejandra Kelley)
  • A wide range of robot-like, unthinking employees that provide terrible customer service. This is a key element in many commercial endeavors. NPC activities can be varied but include:-Responding with scripted, rote dialogue to any questions, regardless of whether they are relevant to current circumstances. It is attempting to carry out a process even though the equipment required for it is not working or missing. Refusing to acknowledge that their NPC stimulus is not another NPC. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Felipe León)