Names of persons means in the bible: Numerous passages in holy scripture that give reasons for bestowing particular names on people show how Hebrews regarded the meanings and significance of their names. Gen. 17;5, 15, 19, 21:3, 6 & 30. The Old Testament places special importance on God’s name as it represents His character and person. A Hebrew person name consisted in many instances of one of God’s titles or names, and two verbs or adjectives, making up a sentence such as Azar-iah. All three endings, namely -iah (or -jah) and -ia (or -ia), should be pronounced as “yah”, one syllable each. From the Nathan “He has Given” name, the four names Elnathan (or Nathaniel) and Jonathan (or Nethaniah), which all mean “God”, “God”, or “the Lord gives”/”has given”, are thus formed. The use of hanan and nathan (to give) along with other words that have similar meanings, when paired with names of God, sheds light on how the Israelite viewed God’s provisional care for the household.
(in Bible Dictionary)