Nahum means in the bible: Consoler. 1 He is the prophet, a native of Elkosh (Galilee). Nineveh was the target of his prophecy: Nahum 1 is the appearance of God’s avenging God. Nahum 2 shows the fall of Nahum 3. Nahum 3 describes the desecration of Nineveh as an enchantress and harlot. This prophecy is rich in literary beauty, and has a patriotic feel. Nahum does not make any reference to his people’s sin. The prophecy is likely to have been written between Nineveh’s fall, 606 B.C. and No-amon Nahum’s 3:8 or Thebes in Upper Egypt that Assurbanipal took about 660 B.C. It is possible that the occasion for the prophecy was some new aggression by Assyria or more likely a powerful coalition against Nineveh.
(in Bible Dictionary)