mushrooms means: Chanterelle is a meaty, fleshy texture with a hint apricot flavor. Sauteed best with fish or poulty. Chinese markets: Before cooking, soak in warm water. Take out the ends and keep them for soup. Crimini: A firm, dense texture with an earthy taste. Use Crimini best when stuffed with nuts and herbs. Cepe, boletus or porcini are dried European. Place in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Keeps for approximately 1 year. Enoki is a crisp texture similar to bean sprouts. It has a clean, fruity taste. Use raw Enoki in sandwiches and salads. Morel: A wild mushroom that has a honeycomb cap with hollow stem. They are extremely dirty and should be handled with care. They have a great earthy taste, which makes them ideal for fillings and soups. Most Morels can be found dried. Oysters: Crispy caps and tender stems. Mix into cream sauces. Porcini: Porcini has a velvety texture and a woody taste that is more intense when it’s dried. Use in sauces or soups. Portobello: A thick-fleshed, richly flavoured meat with sanity cap. Grilling burgers is the best use of this product. Shiitake: A variety of smoky, spongy Shiitake. Use it in risotto or polenta. Wood ear is a crunchy and chewy product with a mild taste. Use it in stir-fries and spicy soups. “. (in Cooking Dictionary)