Miracles means in the bible: A key element of Jesus Christ’s work is not just divine acts but also divine teachings. Christianity was founded upon the most amazing miracle of them all, the Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus Christ. Other miracles are no longer possible if that is accepted. Miracles are not to be considered deviations from nature’s normal course, but manifestations of divine and spiritual power. In each instance, the higher law superseded any lower. These were meant to prove to Jews that Jesus is the Christ Matt. 11:4-5, John 2:11, 10:25, 20:30-31. Many were symbolic and taught divine truths such as sin’s result and its cure; faith value; impurity curse; and law of love. Miracles of healing are a great example of how love can be applied to the real world. Miracles are the result of faith, and that is what gives rise to miracles. These miracles were not possible without faith, prayer and feeling the need.
(in Bible Dictionary)