Micah means in the bible: An indigenous of Moresheth Gath in the plain country Judah who prophesied under Hezekiah Jeer. 26:17-18. There are three parts to the book of Micah: Micah 1 – 3, which contains prophecies about judgment and destruction on the Jewish State. They first light Samaria, then Jerusalem. The crime is idolatry at high places, and the oppression of the upper classes. 2 Micah 5 – 4 are prophecies about restoration with great messianic promises. Micah, the only prophetic book to identify Bethlehem for the birth of the Messiah is Micah. 3 Micah 7 – Prophecies with mixed characters; The Lord confronts His people, recounting His past goodness and requesting justice and goodness from them. This chapter presents a new picture of society. Zion is comforted by the promise that Jehovah forgives sin when they repent.
(in Bible Dictionary)