mercurial means: Mercury is a god or something related to Mercury. (in Merlin Dictionary)

What else does mercurial mean?

  • Mercury is a planet or something related to it. (in Merlin Dictionary)
  • Mercury is credited with the qualities of intelligence, speed, wisdom, and thievishness. (in Merlin Dictionary)
  • Mercury is a substance that contains or causes the element to act. (in Merlin Dictionary)
  • Temperament is volatile and quick to change; (in Merlin Dictionary)
  • Mercury-containing pharmacological and chemical preparations. (in Merlin Dictionary)
  • Particularly when it comes to skating, quick and swift. It is difficult to be noticed by other players. Tony Sturmanis. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Maddison Pope)
  • Liquid metal at room temperature. This metal is used in barometers and thermometers. It is toxic because it can cause permanent brain damage and nerve damage. Mercury has been nicknamed “quicksilver”, because it is used once to shine shoes and hats before anyone realized it could cause madness Mad Hatter. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Vincent Jarvis)
  • 1. The innermost planet of the solar system. Officially, it is the smallest major planet. Pluto was declassified to the new category of dwarf planets in 2006. Dimensions: Approximately 3,050 miles. Iron core large, pitted surface and negligible atmosphere Orbital time 88 days. Rotational time 59 days. The surface temperature can range from minus 180 degrees to plus 430 degrees Centigrade. There are no satellites. Surface gravity is approximately 38 percent of the Earth’s. Currently, 2008 is being mapped using the MESSENGER satellite probe. 2. Named after the ancient messenger god of Rome, this planet was named for its namesake. He is well-known for his winged sandals. Hermes was the Greek equivalent. 3. The stage surname of Freddie, the lead singer of Queen rock band. Farrokh Bulsara was born September 5, 1946 and died from AIDS-related pneumonia November 24, 1991. His band was instrumental in many movies’ soundtracks, including Higlander. He was a real character. 4. Metal chemical element. At room temperature it is liquid. Its density is around 13.5 grams per cubic centimetre. This number corresponds to 80. Latin Hydrargyrum is the Latin name for symbol Hg. It comes from Greek meaning of “water-silver”. Inhaled vapours or ingested toxic substances can cause nervous system damage. This symbol is used for thermometers, barometers, and many other purposes. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Shaun Edwards)
  • 1. The first planet to be discovered from the sun. Both sides are hot. Second hottest planetsecond only to Venus, which is the second planet closest to the sun. Its year is the longest because its path around the sun has been shorter. You’d probably be twice as old. if you visited venus you’d die. You can feel the flames when you touch the ground. Just like Arizona. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Alejandra Kelley)
  • Mercury refers to people who are extremely chill. If you know someone who’s cool and chill with all things, then they were deported from mercury. Mercury was the deportation of all chill people on earth. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Cheyenne Snow)
  • Calabrese is a loud, outgoing and crazy family. You can be sure that they will always support each other, and if food is available, you’ll know. Their own sign is called the family gang. Adamo, a handsome man from the family is also a member of their family. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Dacio Soler)