Melchizedek means in the bible: King of Righteousness. He was a notable leader and prophet who lived around 2000 B.C. His name is the “king of Salem Jerusalem”, the “priest the most High God” and the “king of peace”. 5:6; 7:1-3. Psalms, Hebrews, and JST Gen. 14:6 mention the Priesthood of Melchizedek in several instances. But, the revelation of latter-day revelation provides us with much more information about him and his priesthood. JST Gen.14:17 Gen.14:18 noted; JST Gene 14:25-40. JST Heb. 7:3 Annexe; Alma 13;14-19; DC84:14; and 107:1-4. These sources reveal the immenseness and grandeur of this prophet’s ministry. Also see Jebus, Jerusalem and Melchizedek Priesthood.
(in Bible Dictionary)