Malachi means in the bible: My messenger. Malachi’s prophecy was fulfilled in 430 B.C. Part 1 Mal. The first part Mal. Part 2:10-4:6 addresses the people and condemns marriage outside of the covenant and divorces between spouses within the covenant. It also repudiates the spirit of discontent and neglects to pay tithes. With the promise that God is watching over them and those who disobey will be punished, the faithful should remain true to their faith. 3:3, which can be found in Matt. 11.10 refers to John the Baptist. 3:7-12 is an explanation of the law regarding tithing. 4:1 speaks about the Second Coming Of The Lord. 4:5-6 deals with Elijah’s return. Also cited in DC 2, 128:17, JS-H 1:37-40. Mal. The Savior to the Nephites quoted 3 and 4, as described in 3 Ne. 24, 25.
(in Bible Dictionary)