Magi means in the bible: Matt. 2:1. Although their identity isn’t revealed in the Scriptures, it seems certain that they were just men who went on an expedition to see the Son of God at work on earth. It is obvious that they were spiritually gifted. They saw the star and knew it’s meaning. The child was also given gifts by them. They had a precise and exact knowledge. They were likely to have been representatives from a group of Lord’s people who came to Jerusalem to see the Son of God. Then they returned to their homeland to testify that Immanuel was indeed born in flesh. Although we don’t know how many there were of them, it is common to say that three because of the gifts of gold and myrrh as well as frankincense. Two or three would have to be necessary if they had been serving as witnesses. Also see Wise Men from the East.
(in Bible Dictionary)